Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Gourd Birdhouses" by Bernie Rosage Jr.

Ask any southerner... "What are gourds best used for?"... nine out of ten will tell you... "birdhouses". Anywhere in the rural south... a family garden is usually lined with a row or two of gourd birdhouses. This scene is so reminiscent of my childhood... in fact this outing was within walking distance of my house.

Hope you enjoy it...


"Gourd Birdhouses"... 8x10" Oil on Belgian Linen on panel, en plein aire, 2008. Click on image to enlarge...


Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Beach Paintings

5x7 inchs
oil on birch panel

Anastasia Grasses
12x16 inches
oil on birch panel

View from mycondo
12x16 inches
oil on birch panel

Dune Palms
8x10 inches
oil on birch panel

St AQugustine Lighthouse
8x10 inches
acrylic on birch panel

I finally got out on location again last week after a long summer in the studio. I had a good time.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Palms at Green Key Beach by Jenna Star

Painted recently en plein air at Green Key Beach, New Port Richey, FL. Our painting group, West Coast Plein Air (a chapter of Plein Air Florida) goes out weekly to paint the landscape. I painted this during our stint at Green Key in New Port Richey. This oil painting is richly textured and colored and reflects the lighting and my impressions of that hot day.

Palms at Green Key Beach
Oil on board, 9x12"
$300, unframed

Contact me if you'd like to purchase this painting with Visa/Mastercard at JennaStarFriedman@gmail.com. Thanks for visiting!
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Fort Keys Saturday by BJ Wright

8"x10" oil on RayMar panel, painted en plein air, alla prima, on September 6th at the "Battle of Tunnel Hill" Civil War reenactment - $85 including shipping - contact me at beejw@charter.net for purchase.
Early on Saturday morning reenactors began milling about making preparations for the upcoming battle. The smell of frying bacon still hung in the air. Behind me a small squad of young Confederates practiced their marching drills. Several folks stopped by to watch me paint. There were nods of approval - then they went on their way. It was a wonderful day spent at the battlefield with close artist friends as we captured scenes for remembrance.
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Around the Corner by BJ Wright

6"x8" oil on Raymar panel, painted en plein air, alla prima - $45 including shipping - contact me at beejw@charter.net for purchase.
The fog seemed to linger just a little longer than on previous mornings. It wasn't really overcast, but the air seemed heavier than usual. Atmospherics had the "very early Fall" feel and it was echoed in the distant foliage. Fall seems just around the corner.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cabin on the Meadow - SOLD

4"x6" oil on Raymar panel, painted en plein air, alla prima - SOLD -
On September 20th and 21st, the Creative Arts Guild in Dalton, GA, held their annual Fine Arts Festival. I was honored to be juried into the main gallery exhibit. I was also set up in the artist outdoor market.
What a weekend! The weather was perfect. And the sponsors were the ideal of Southern hospitality.
Visitors to my tent seemed drawn to my small plein air studies. I had taken about 20 with me to show something of the painting process, but people started asking to buy them! Some were still in the "cartoony" stage, some still had bits of white canvas peeking through - but customers were eager to shove money into my hands.
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Elio Camacho workshop

I am passing along the information on California plein air artist Elio Camacho. I have taken 2 of his workshops and I have to say I have learned so much. He is a wonderful teacher. He is pretty cute too. (this coming from an old lady) . Elio Camach Workshops Elio is a California artist who studied under Ovanes Berberien, the famous Russian painter from the Sergei Bongart School. We are so fortunate to have Elio offering 2 new workshops nearby. Elio is a very giving teacher and you will get your moneys worth from his instruction. He keeps his workshop class size from 10-14 students. Each person gets so much attention. The workshops go from 9am, to4pm each day.
Oct.20-24 5day workshop in historic Leiper's Fork, Tn. just outside of Franklin and Nashville. cost is $450.00
Nov.10-14 5 day workshop in beautiful Destin, Fl. $450.00. for more information or to register visit http://www.blog.eliocamacho.com/ click on workshops. elio is represented by more than 16 reputable galleries across the country. He was also featured in Sept. Southwest Art Magazine Don't miss this opportunity to study with this very talented youn man.

I am not connected to Elio in any way but student/friend I just want everyone to experience his workshops.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Daily Painting 687 Ready To Go Plein Air

This is an older one I did last year in Vero Beach. I am not sure if I posted it or not so here it is. Its 11 x 14, oil, painting knife. I haven't been very active here lately its been way hot out. I'll be starting up my plein air group again at the end of the month.
Buy this painting on PayPal
Price: $350 USD
Or, send me an email

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fort Keys Waits by BJ Wright

8" x 10" oil on Raymar panel, painted en plein air, alla prima, on September 3rd - completed at 10:30am - $85 including shipping - NOT including frame - contact me at beejw@charter.net for purchase
I painted this one on Wednesday before the "Battle of Tunnel Hill" Civil War reenactment on September 6th and 7th. As I was packing up, one of the reenactors drove past Fort Keys on the little road in the painting. The next day canvas tents were springing up all around, ready for the battle.
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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunflower Experiment

September 7, while teaching a private lesson in the middle of a 100 acre sunflower field I attempted to experiment with an acrylic underpainting of the primary colors. The idea is to paint over the acrylics in my usual style and rub out some of the top oil layer to reveal colors beneath. I think I should try again with a small canvas and smaller spots of color. Has anyone tried this successfully? It seemed like a great idea that I got from a local teacher who does it very successfully visually and monetarily.
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Are you a Coke or Pepsi person?

Are you a Coke or Pepsi person?
Can you taste a difference?
I can... and Pepsi-Cola is my choice of soft drink.

"Bradham's Pharmacy... Birthplace of Pepsi-Cola, New Bern, NC"... 6x8" Oil on Panel, en plein aire, 9-2008.

Click on image to see a larger view...


This painting, "Bradham's Pharmacy... Birthplace of Pepsi-Cola," is set in downtown New Bern, North Carolina and was painted en plein aire as part of the 6th Annual Worldwide Paint Out sponsored by the International Plein Air Painters. It marks the spot that was once a pharmacy where Caleb Bradham invented "Brad's Drink" in 1898 which he later patented as Pepsi-Cola. The historical site is owned by the Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company which serves as Pepsi memorabilia store where visitors can purchase a variety of Pepsi products and even belly up to a vintage soda fountain. I had a blast painting this one and met several nice people while working on it...

Photograph of sign on the building...

This original oil painting by American Artist, Bernie Rosage Jr. may be available for purchase... Check out Bernie's blog HERE...

Butterfly Koi

Watercolor on Masonite 8 by 10. $75.00 Some folks call these fish ” fairy fish” or “Dragon fish” and “long fin Koi”. I watched this Butterfly Koi swimming back and forth under about a foot of water and I was desperately trying to see if this little long fin fish would hold still. Not a chance, she was moving like Isadora Duncan, & her fins were flowing all around her like veils. She swirled in and out of the lilly pads and with the water moving with her movements, it was hard to see how her tail and fins actually would look if they were to stop in mid motion. It was like watching an underwater dance. There she was all alone, she was skimming thru the water and dancing for no one but for herself. They are beautiful fish and so different than the standard Koi. Some folks think their not Koi at all but a hybrid. I don’t really get involved in show Koi ( although they are beautiful) and I don’t care about the correct classifications of Koi, I just like them as I like my three rescue dogs, for the pleasure of watching them and having them be a part of my life.
I’ve owned several purebred dogs in the past & I loved them of course but none ever gave me the love my three mutts have given me each and every day.
Also... that reminds me of my Walmart fish.. I told this story a while back…who would have thought, its an ugly duckling story all over again.

It started to rain tonight and while I painted the rain was falling onto my painting. Typical Plein Aire right? I can't complain... the weather seems a bit cooler & its refreshing after a couple of very humid days.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NC artists converge on New Bern to take part in IPAP Worldwide Paint Out... Bernie included!

"City Hall Clock Tower #1, New Bern, NC... A View from Craven Street"... 8x6" Oil on Panel, en plein aire, 9-2008.
Click on image to see a larger view...


Several plein air artists from Eastern North Carolina (myself included) converged on the historic and beautiful town of New Bern, North Carolina to take part in the IPAP (International Plein Air Painters) 6th Annual Worldwide Paint Out. Plein air painters from all over the world agreed to meet in various locations all over the globe to plein air paint on September 5, 6, and 7. This special gathering is to help promote the unique art of painting "en plein aire"... a French term that translates... "in open air". This is my first of several paintings that weekend.

"City Hall Clock Tower #2, New Bern, NC... A View from Pollock Street"... 8x6" Oil on Panel, en plein aire, 9-2008.

Click on image to see a larger view...


I headed out of the house, riding the heels of tropical storm Hanna, eager to plein air paint with of a couple of my artist friends who I was to meet in New Bern, North Carolina. We were taking part in the IPAP (International Plein Air Painters) 6th Annual Worldwide Paint Out. My pards set up in the shade of the trees at historic Christ's Church while I set up across the street (Pollock Street) to paint another view of the clock tower of the New Bern City Hall. We painted till dark...

"City Hall Clock Tower #3, New Bern, NC... A View from South Front Street"... 8x6" Oil on Panel, en plein aire, 9-2008.

Click on image to see a larger view...

As you can see... The clock tower of New Bern's City Hall struck my fancy this past weekend. I captured it from several street views. I'll share other paintings from the event soon...
These original oil paintings by American Artist, Bernie Rosage Jr. may be available for purchase... email Bernie with the title in the subject line for detail... click HERE... Check out my blog HERE...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

World Wide Paint Out at Tunnel Hill

Sandra attempts to paint a tent with people milling around. What fun to try new things.
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Shaking Out the Crumbs


What better way to participate in the World Wide Paint Out than to paint some Southern ladies at the Re enactment of the Civil War Battle of Tunnel Hill? I was attracted to the movement of fabric as the ladies swished around in their hoop skirts. There were bright colors where normally I'm painting only shades of green. My favorite thing to paint at this location is the spring house and having the ladies there made it delightful.
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Monday, September 8, 2008

"Tunnel Hill Battle Paintout"

As part of the annual "Worldwide Paintout" publicized by International Plein Air Painters, we had a wonderful weekend at the "Battle of Tunnel Hill" Civil War reenactment in Northwest Georgia.
pictured front row (l-r) are Gretchen Allen, Allison Doke, and BJ Wright
back row - Phyllis Franklin, Cathy Cooksey, Cecil Warfel, Patti Vrobel, Shane McDonald, John B. Guernsey and Sandra Babb. We couldn't find Tim West - he was somewhere painting on the 83 acre property.
Both days were in the 90+ degrees, but we found plenty of shade and lots of interesting subjects for plein air painting. Everyone had such a good time that there's already talk about next year.
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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy plein air painting this weekend everyone...

Glad to see BJ organizing a plein air paint out to coincide with the IPAP's Worldwide Paint Out this weekend. The OOPS bunch is planning one in New Bern, NC. I'll be sure to share photos of the event with everyone. Until then... happy plein air painting...

If you live near Eastern North Carolina... join us... details on link below...
6th WORLDWIDE Plein Air Paint Out in New Bern, NC.