Thursday, September 11, 2008

Butterfly Koi

Watercolor on Masonite 8 by 10. $75.00 Some folks call these fish ” fairy fish” or “Dragon fish” and “long fin Koi”. I watched this Butterfly Koi swimming back and forth under about a foot of water and I was desperately trying to see if this little long fin fish would hold still. Not a chance, she was moving like Isadora Duncan, & her fins were flowing all around her like veils. She swirled in and out of the lilly pads and with the water moving with her movements, it was hard to see how her tail and fins actually would look if they were to stop in mid motion. It was like watching an underwater dance. There she was all alone, she was skimming thru the water and dancing for no one but for herself. They are beautiful fish and so different than the standard Koi. Some folks think their not Koi at all but a hybrid. I don’t really get involved in show Koi ( although they are beautiful) and I don’t care about the correct classifications of Koi, I just like them as I like my three rescue dogs, for the pleasure of watching them and having them be a part of my life.
I’ve owned several purebred dogs in the past & I loved them of course but none ever gave me the love my three mutts have given me each and every day.
Also... that reminds me of my Walmart fish.. I told this story a while back…who would have thought, its an ugly duckling story all over again.

It started to rain tonight and while I painted the rain was falling onto my painting. Typical Plein Aire right? I can't complain... the weather seems a bit cooler & its refreshing after a couple of very humid days.

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Sandra Bonner Babb said...

where do you find these kind of koi? They are really pretty.
I put some 17cent fish in my little barrel and I think the frog at them. Sandra