Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Daily Painting 574 Richeson and Coke Building Plein Air

Its 8 x 10 oil, I took some artistic license with the foreground as I was standing behind a wall and couldn't see it.
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Monday, April 28, 2008

Daily Painting 572 Pineapple Cottage Plein Air Alla Prima

Its 5 x 7, oil.
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Place of Peace and Quietness by BJ Wright - SOLD

24"x12" oil on stretched canvas, painted en plein air, alla prima, on April 23rd around 9:30am. --- SOLD - thanks LS Manis !!---
This little church is in Tunnel Hill, GA. There are buildings around the church but I chose to leave them out of the painting. The church has been there for probably 100 years or more.
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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Winter in Spring Colors


This painting was done with yellow underpainting making it happy spring colors on a wintry day. It makes me think of Easter with the yellows and purples.
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Painting in progress


Plein air painting of artist friend doing watercolors near a large wall hanging by another artist friend.
Done at Garden Vignette's Open House for the Civic Arts League.
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Painting on Frazier Avenue


Sandra painting Linda Sue at Garden Vignettes Open House.
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working on painting using complimentaries

This is the painting in progress using a complimentary underpainting.
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Two underpaintings

These are two underpainting techniques I sometimes use. One is of values and the other is complimentaries.I like the way the underpainting shows through the final stages and helped me paint quicker and covers the white of the canvas. Recently I learned to use bold colors in a workshop with Maggie Price. Can't wait to try it outside.
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Daily Painting 571 Fort Pierce Marina Plein Air

Its 8 x 10 oil, $200.

The Pinnacle Open House Art Show Case

Two of Sandra's plein air paintings shown at a Chattanooga Condominum Open House. These were exhibited in the bedroom of one of the open condos April 25, 2008.
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A & D Ranch, 2

"A & D Ranch 2"
6 x 8 inches
Acrylic on canvas panel
(Ready to frame)

Not yet available.

This painting will be available in a few weeks.

This is another sample painting for a larger canvas later. I will be doing three large canvases based on the plein air studies.

Did this about a week ago, out at the ranch house that I am doing murals for. Just went early and took it all in.

I enjoyed going out and taking in all the fresh air in the morning sun. It turned cold that morning with a cold wind, 50 degrees or so. For us that is chilly!

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Daily Painting 570 SOLD River View Plein Air Alla Prima

SOLD Its 6 x 8 oil. We had a three day paintout in town. This was the last one I did, I did seven paintings in the three days. It sold in the last five minutes of the reception, everyone was getting their paintings to take home. I almost didn't paint it, I was tired, figured I had enough paintings finished.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Daily Painting 566 SOLD The Howard Home plein air alla prima

SOLD Its 8 x 10, oil, plein air, alla prima. The owner of the home bought it hot off the easel. It was a perfect day to paint, lovely breeze off the river not too hot or cold.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Daily Painting 565 Abstract Palmettos Plein air Alla Prima

Its 6 x 8, oil, all painting knife painted. I was going to paint some orchids using the silvery blue palmettos as a background. I painted the palmettos and I liked how they looked so I didn't want to change things. $100.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Daily Painting 564 Epidendrum Orchids Plein Air Alla Prima

Its 5 x 7 oil, I did this at the Heathcote show, played hooky from watching my paintings. $100.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Daily Painting 563 Sketch and Heathcote Art Show

Didn't have the energy or time to paint today, here is a sketch I did awhile ago on the way to the Palm Beach demo I did. View through the windshield, no I wasn't driving!

Below is the Heathcote Art Show going on today and Sunday. They are also having a plant sale and I bought a few plants, I am having a good time. Sold a few paintings too! ;o)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Daily Painting 559 The Old Oak at Julie's House Plein Air Alla Prima

Its 5 x 7 oil, I painted it today at Julie's house, she is letting us paint there. $200.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Lake Sunset,Daily Painting by Fawn

Lake Sunset"
6 x 8 inches
Acrylic on canvas panel
(ready to frame)

Stole an hour at sunset. Rarely do I get to paint on location in the evening. In fact this is the first one I have done outside at sunset! The colors were so vibrant, I really didn't do it justice. But it felt good to get out there!

This is at Nubbin's Slough. The water is coming up some, but there is still a lot of land where it used to be all under water. It has been about a year and a half now that Lake Okeechobee has been so low. I added the birds when I got home.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Daily Painting 553 Across the Street Plein Air Alla Prima

This is across the street from yesterday's painting. Oil, 6 x 8 inches. $150.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Daily Painting 552 SOLD Arlia's House Plein Air Alla Prima

SOLD One of my fellow members of the Plein Air Painters of the Treasure Coast invited our group to paint in her neighborhood, this is her mom's house. Its 8 x 10, oil, $200.

Monday, April 7, 2008

5 Points Franklin (watercolor 5x7) $80

This is Five Points in downtown Franklin Tennessee. I painted this last year in one of my watercolor sketchbooks. I misplaced it (behind my music books) and just found it the other day. There is usually lots of traffic in Franklin but I did not feel like painting any cars that day.
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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Near the End of the Cotee River by Jenna Star

Painted en plein air recently with my friends of the West Coast Plein Air group. A couple of months ago, we discovered the James Grey Preserve right here in the middle of New Port Richey, FL. We've made many painting expeditions here and will continue to do so, because of the astounding beauty. This is where the Pithlaschacotee River ends. The river is tidal as it goes out to the Gulf of Mexico, so there are low and high water levels every day. The birds and vegetation here are varied and numerous. I did this on one of the first times we went there in February, and there were flocks of hundreds of robins flying and nesting overhead. So this is where they spend their winters, just like all the other (human) snowbirds that populate Florida in the cold months. I just wonder why would they ever want to leave?
"Near the End of the Cotee River" Oil, 11x14" contact me at if you'd like to buy this painting through Paypal. Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

along the path

I painted this on gessoed masonite. It's 4 inches by 4 inches and may be framed with or with out glass. I love old tree stumps and find them everywhere I go. The wood always seems to have a wonderful pattern of rings. Combined with the aging process the wood also has an interesting texture. I think I could do a series just on tree bark. I have walked thru the woods here in SC and studied the trees. One can find an endless variety of colors patterns and textures. I'm sure someone already has done a series on tree bark, its just too good of a subject to be ignored.
Mini Art Lesson
How to prepare your surface... acrylic gesso. Next paint the gesso on paper, wood, canvas or illustration board. You can put texture into it or paint it on thin and smooth. To make texture you can use household objects, your fingers or just a bristle brush. To make it smooth, use a low nap roller, sponge brush or a spatula.
Let the gesso dry to a pretty hard surface, this depends on the weather. You can also put your piece on the oven door with a low oven turned on to speed up the process. It really should be dry within an hour if applied thin to medium. If applied thickly you may want to allow it to dry overnight. When you paint on gesso it is important to remember gesso can be reconstituted so you don't want to scrubb the gesso too hard since you can actually take it off, this doesn't look good and can actually create a hole in your painting. Remember...this takes a light touch. If you do rub it off just repaint the gesso back over the area allow to dry and repaint. I have scubbed back to white many times without a problem but be aware of the thickness of the gesso to avoid taking it down to the wood or whatever support your using. Watercolor does not sink into the gesso like paper so the color will be very much the same wet or dry. Glazing is tricky, you can only really paint one glaze on at a time because repeated brush strokes while wet will take off the lst layer. If you put too much water and scrubb too hard with your brush you will reconstitute the paint and get an opacity you may not want, pull off the color with a tissue let dry for a minute and repaint. The beauty of this type of watercolor... is you can paint and repaint. If you make a mistake, you can have a do over. Of course...don't we all want a do over?
Have fun with this, its great for painters of all ages but kids do particularly well with this and you can teach watercolor to kids very easily .

South from Fort Keys by BJ Wright

10"x8" oil on canvas covered hardboard painted en plein air, alla prima - $85 including shipping -
As we were painting at the Tunnel Hill battlefield on March 22nd, I saw this lovely patch of purple at the meadow's edge. As I painted, the dark colors under the trees on the left kept changing. Even though my initial intent was to feature the purple flowers, I loved working on the darks as well.
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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Daily Painting 546 Morning in the Savannas Plein Air Alla Prima

I liked the twists and turns of these oaks and had to paint them. Its 8 x 10, oil, $200.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Daily Painting 545 Savanna Morning Plein Air Alla Prima

We went back to the Savanna's Recreational Area again this morning, it was a lovely day again. The painting is oil, 8 x 10, mostly painting knife. $200.

First Plein Air Day Out to Paint

The look on my face explains it happy to be outside painting. I thought winter would last forever. This was the second attempt that day. I stayed after BJ, Tim, and Sherry left to finish it up. We were painting at the Tunnel Hill Civil War Re enactment site and BJ was telling us stories of General's legs that didn't get buried with the body. Come join us!
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Those Bloomin' Pear Trees by BJ Wright

10"x8" oil on canvas covered hardboard - $85 including shipping -
Sandra, Sherry, Tim and I met at the Tunnel Hill battlefield on Saturday, March 22nd, and had a great plein air painting day.
This small building is directly across the street from the Heritage Center. The pear trees are in full bloom and are amazing in all their colors of white.
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