Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sandra Participating in the Quick Draw

On the beach behind the Holiday Inn were many "sand" activities. Here I'm shown trying to capture a professional artist building a lovely sandcastle. I got carried away with the onlookers and didn't finish the sandcastle that was being built.
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chuck larivey said...

Hi Sandra,
Notice you have the Soltek easel - I'm thinking of getting one any pros or cons after using it?


Sandra Bonner Babb said...

I recommend the Soltek because of the ease of set up. Two problems I have with it are. 1. The legs get stuck (although the easel is metal certain internal parts are plastic-I hate plastic! to put it mildly.
2. The staff that holds the painting surface folds down right into the middle of the palette (if the palette is left on the easel). So either the palette needs to be covered with Saran wrap or better yet scraped. I don't usually clean mine clean til I return home from plein air painting because sometimes the painting needs a dot of that particular mix.
I hope this helps with your decision. S

chuck larivey said...

Thanks Sandra, big help...the palette is a the painting surface stable...say for 24x30?