Wednesday, May 9, 2007

daily painting 223 Smoke Haze over the Indian River at Old Fort Park, Fort Pierce Plein Air Alla Prima

Today the weather was very odd, I think I caught the colors dead on in this painting. The sun stayed red and then orange for hours this morning. There were huge fires in central Florida and the smoke must be covering the whole state. The air was nice though, not too hot.

Lots and lots of love bugs, I have developed a method of getting them off my paintings with no damage. I flick them off with the tip of my palette knife. Sometimes the bugs themselves are unharmed and are able to continue on their way. A love bug is about twice the size of a mosquito, they are always in pairs, stuck together by their behinds. During this time of the year they fly about in thousands and expire upon automobile windshields and grills. Cars can get so covered they can overheat and expire as well. You have to scrub and scrub to get them off, a terrible end to the romance.

The painting is $100, its 5 x 7, oil, knife and brush.

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