Sunday, October 28, 2007

From Ruck's Road, Dairy Cows, by Fawn

"From Rucks Road"
16 x 20 inches
Acrylic on canvas

This is one of my earlier plein air paintings. I did three paintings of the dairy cows on this country road. It wasn't so bad while I did this one very early. But then the cows came up near me . . . It was smelly, had lots of flies, and I was dripping in sweat by 8:00 am! I tried to shoo them off, but they hung out next to the fence.
Needless to say, I learned to set up in the shade, and I have not gone near the dairy to paint again! LOL.

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bj said...

Once Sandra was painting in her pasture and a cow came up and licked her canvas!! She could laugh because she hadn't yet painted on it. She says that cows are just big gentle creatures and won't hurt you - unless they step on your foot or knock you over.

Fawn said...

Too funny! They didn't try to lick or kick or anything, they just would not go away . . . soon all of them came to hang out! I couldn't see past them to finish the last painting had to go back the next day! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Lol....I am Carolina Rucks and I probably grew up near this Rucks Road...though there are more than one I am told. Cows are just nosy by nature. When we were children we would stand @ the fence and hand feed them oranges and try to avoid their big "slurpy" tongues...!

Fawn said...

Carolina, this is out by Keith Rucks' Dairy. I used to live off to the left of that long road that leads to the dairy. I miss the wild life we had visit almost daily (but I don't miss the smell when the wind would blow from the dairy!)Smile. We had wild turkey in our yard, wild hogs at the cow's pond, and lots of kids with horses! I still live in the country, but the animals are few and far between down here by the lake. I guess because of the levee and the highway around the lake.

Carolina said...

Small world....Keith is my cousin. I grew up a few miles from his dairy on a dairy that no longer operates..Margate Dairy. Things have changed there over the years. From time to time my parents spot coyotes and deer. Who would have thought years ago?

Fawn said...

Carolina, It is a small world! email me sometime if you want a periodic update on my paintings. Thank you for sharing!