Saturday, May 23, 2009

15 Minute Sunrise # 45

8x10 Sunrise Study - I started late and wasn't prepared so.... I ended up with little time. The object was to catch the intensity of the sun - the problem - it's difficult to get the color values right around the sun so it will pop. You have a tendency to make it much too light, mostly because the sun alters your color perception. I think it will take a few more cracks at it.


bj said...

Once upon a workshop, an instructor said to try orange just at the sun's edge, then pale yellow going toward the center, then white almost in the center --- then pale green in the very center. I've never done that, but my friend Sandra has done several paintings using these colors and it seems to work!

chuck larivey said...

It does work :=)- the tricky part is the amount of saturation and the fluidity of the paint. It needs good flow but a lot of pigment - sable or mixed filbert brush seems to work best. I also found the colors need to be worked into the surrounding areas. This creates a deep toned neutral base so the sun will effectively pop - now to make it hot and molten :=)