Monday, May 4, 2009

NEW!!! Fall workshop in Tuscany!

Join me for a week of sketching, painting, sightseeing, eating.... and a lot of fun this September in Tuscany! You couldn't ask for better accommodations than the elegant San Fedele just outside Siena. Maybe you have been to Tuscany before, with family, or on one of those whirlwind tours. Now see it through your artist's eyes. I have structured this workshop for all levels of experience. Get as much or as little guidance as you wish. We will travel light with sketchbooks and watercolors and of course, our camera. Now it is the time to do something for yourself. Airfares are down, the dollar is up, and Tuscany is breathtaking in the fall.

Register now with Il Chiostro to ensure your place. Spaces are limited. I promise you will be thrilled with everything you will get for this special price. I will be happy to talk to you further about this once of a lifetime experience!

Now, let's go to Tuscany!



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