Friday, June 26, 2009

15 Minute Sunrise # 76 & 77

It looked like rain this morning so I missed a great misty sunrise,'s two from the other day, again very misty morning. This one (bottom) marked a pivotal point in my painting. I did an 11x14 (top) immediately after. I could have been didn't matter... I was painting from experience and memory. I was using the scene in front of me as a minor reference......anyway natures moment had moved on. The 8x10 became the paint chip for the larger work (works better in the studio) Plein Air and studio are monolithic cool is that!


bj said...

Very cool indeed! It's another creative step. Gets you excited, doesn't it?? It's that spark that makes the inner artist jump up, clap, and yell "Yippee!"

chuck larivey said...

Well said!