Saturday, June 19, 2010

Grace Episcopal Church


June 8th six Civic Arts League members painted outside at the Grace Church from 9 til the storm around lunch time. I skittered around trying to find what "spoke to me". Of course I wanted to do the whole church building. The Church is gracious to hose the Civic here the first Monday of each month. I've had two art exhibits here in the past.
Back to that day I walked all around and finally settled under a huge tree to find that a screw had fallen out of the Soltek easel leg. I thought I would set up on my lawn chair but Carolyn Cannon always comes to my rescue. She had loaned an easel to Jo and it took more of my time to get it out of the back of Jo's van. At any rate I think I got a good view of the setting and the building. I could hardly see the building for the tree and later added some detail of window frames from a photo that Jo sent to everyone. I think it works okay now. I do wish it had more life to it but that's what happens when I tweak too much in the studio.
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