Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sandra painting in Chickamauga Battlefield Park

Sandra, her student Carol and BJ painted in Chickamauga Battlefield Park on Monday, June 16th. It was cool on the shaded side of the mountain and we saw lots of people walking, biking and horseback riding. As I was ready to photograph Sandra's painting, it seemed to melt into the scenery! It was wonderful the way Sandra had perfectly matched the green pigments to the ones Mother Nature had chosen.
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Lori McNamara said...

Very cool, nice photo, I made it big and the one tree looks like it melts right into the canvas. Lovely painting too!

Sandra Bonner Babb said...

I was standing further to the left and the sky opening was a different shape from the photo BJ made. Also this is done on black multimedia board. It really toned it down. I wanted the yellow to shine. Thanks for your comment.

Lori McNamara said...

I was thinking more of the colors, they look dead on and its a lovely composition. I haven't tried a black ground yet, I usually use pink. It really worked perfect for you.