Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Daily Painting 518 Beach at Round Island Plein Air Alla Prima

Its 8 x 10 oil, it was a lovely, breezy morning. I had the painting all finished, I was taking it off the easel to sign it and the wind caught it and it landed on my palette full of paint. It looked awful, I didn't know if I could fix it or not. There was a dime-sized blob of pthalo blue paint in the sky and various smears and other blobs. I was able to fix it up all right as you can see.
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Fawn said...

Can't tell at all!

Sorry i missed painting with you, sounds like a wonderful day!

I have started some murals . . .

Lori McNamara said...

I missed you too! I hope the murals are going well, I remember you telling me about them. It was so nice and peaceful Tuesday, just what I needed. Other than the little spill! :oD