Friday, March 28, 2008

Oscar's House; morning plein air

The weather has warmed up this week, but the strange wind gusts prevail. I sat pondering this over morning coffee, trying to decide where I might go to paint outside without being completely blown away. I had only packed my smaller lightweight pochade box, which as I've described previously in excruciating detail, is not great for wind. But the other alternative was to drive across town to my studio to get my larger, sturdier easel. As I turned these matters over in my head, I stared out the kitchen window, and this scene came into view:

Forsythia spring plein air painting by Jennifer Young
"Oscar's House"
Oil on Canvas

I started noticing how the forsythia bush in our yard (foreground lower left) framed and echoed the bushes in bloom across the street at my neighbor's house. I also noticed how the bare-limbed trees above created a kind of upper frame for the little bungalow, and I thought the composition could be worth exploring. Also, since I could set up on my back porch, I'd be sheltered from the wind by our house. Whether this solution was realized out of laziness or resourcefulness is a matter of opinion, but never-the-less, "Oscar's House" was born!

I think I'm going to be kind to myself today and call it a resourceful solution to a rather gusty March morning. For more information about this painting, please contact me.

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1 comment:

Lori McNamara said...

Superb painting! I love the forsythias!