Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My painting set-up --- Lori

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Here is what I use to paint with, the easel with a painting on it, a rolling file cabinet from Staples or you can get them other places too, they hold everything. Lunch, water, paint, panels, bug spray etc. My sketch box sits on top, it holds 3 12 x 16 panels. I have a little box in the front on the ground, that is for sitting in the car if its stormy, it holds paints, rag and a knife. The palette sits on top of the paint storage area and the panel leans on the back. Its made from a cigar box. I also carry a few cardboard cartons with strips of cardboard inside on the sides, they hold 8 x 10 and 5 x 7 wet or dry panels.


bj said...

Your roll around file cabinet is just like the one I bought at Office Depot! It is just the berries - works great and holds a ton of stuff. I always take more than I need - if I didn't I would need it. Thanks for sharing!

Lori said...

Its wonderful isn't it! Mine is still going strong, its over a year old, maybe two. My husband and I were concerned that the wheels would go from getting in the sand and rough trails but it has been fine.

Jenna Star Friedman said...

This is so interesting-- to see how we go out there. I use a shopping cart to haul my gear, everything fits in, including my french half easel. I'll try to take a photo.
I love your idea of the cigar box,and painting in the car Lori!

Lori said...

Cool Jenna, I want to see it!