Friday, July 27, 2007

Singing the Blues, Floral, Daily Painting by Fawn McNeill

"Singing the Blues"
8 x 10 inches
Acrylic on hardboard

Set up in my front yard this morning, it was partly sunny, then the clouds settled in, so I did this alla prima in a hurry! The lavender series I have been working on is inspiring, so I thought I would try do do these flowers en plein air.

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Lori said...

These are so pretty, we have some of these plumbagos in the yard, they snuck over from the neighbors. I knew what they were from your painting right off, even before I saw the photo.

bj said...

A lovely combination of colors - and a beautiful subject! The background color is also very interesting - nice contrast.

Fawn said...

Thanks BJ,I saw some burnt-orange grass just of to the right, and thought how nice that color would be behind the flowers.
Lori,I wasn't sure what the name was for these wonderful, always blooming flowers! 'Plumbagos' was not a name I could remember! Thank you!

BoydGreeneArt said...

A wonderfully beautiful peice of art. Very well executed.