Sunday, July 29, 2007

Colors at the Crossing by BJ Wright ---- SOLD

8" x 10" oil on stretched canvas - painted en plein air (with a few tweaks in the studio but within the definition of plein air) - $120 including shipping - SOLD, THANK YOU !!

Painting structures in the studio with the help of a T-square, plotted vanishing points, etc usually doesn't pose a problem. However, I'm trying to stretch my painting abilities by painting these structures free hand and en plein air - winging it.

This painting features the historic buildings around the Tunnel Hill, GA, railroad crossing (hidden to the left). On the left in the forefront is the Tunnel Hill Historical Center. Then behind it (L to R) are the Tunnel Hill Church of Christ and the depot (made famous during the Great Locomotive Chase during the Civil War). The orange building was originally Griffin's Sundries - Toppie made the best hamburgers in the state and was always there with her Southern lady charm. The red building was the Tunnel Hill Baptist Mission, but in later years housed Playhouse 64 and featured well known country singers in concert. The two buildings to the right are small factories.

You might not have noticed, but I left out power lines which are such a distraction to the charm of this beautiful spot in NW Georgia. I love it here!
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Jenna Star Friedman said...

Nice Work BJ! You captured a lot in this one.

bj said...

I've been challenging myself to include more structures in my work. I really bit off a lot when I chose this scene, but I feel good about the outcome. Thanks for the nice complement!

Fawn said...

I would never have known you had any trouble with structures, these are solid, and make for an interesting composition. I especially like all the stories that go with it!

bj said...

Thank you Fawn! Every little town has its old buildings, each with a quirkly story. We're so fortunate that here they are restored, repainted, and generally reused keeping the original structure and location.