Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dew on the Meadow and Sun on the Rise by BJ Wright

8" x 10" oil on canvas covered hardboard - painted en plein air, alla prima - $85 including shipping -
It was just before 8am on Tuesday, September 4th - a heavy dew had settled on the meadow. Trees were still in deep shadow, and mist hugged the distance. As the sun struck the grass, countless sparkles skipped across the scene. It was an early morning wonderland.
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wanda knight said...

I really like this one BJ.
So fresh and clean looking. you really captured the early morning.

bj said...

That morning was so peaceful - no noise except for an occasional bird song. The grass was so wet it was almost like after a Summer rain. Thanks always for your nice comments!!

Lori said...

It does look like a nice peaceful morning, I would like to haul a blanket out there and just plop down and take a snooze. Even if it is a bit damp!

bj said...

It will be peaceful again next week. This weekend was the Civil War reenactment - hundreds of soldiers in period clothing, cannons booming, horses galloping. I'll post a photo of this area on my blog
Thanks for the comments! It's always nice to know that other people can enjoy my little spot on this Earth. :o)

Jenna Star Friedman said...

I love the colors in this painting! Very fresh.

bj said...

Thanks Jenna. This particular site is one of my very favorites. I'm sure it will turn up in another painting soon - but probably with Fall colors.