Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Some of the things people say to a Plein Air Watercolor Artist

#1. Wow that’s cool, what is it?

#2. You paint? My (fill in blank here… with) brother, father, mother cousin etc.. paints too, but they're really good.

#3 So, how much do you charge for a painting of this size? That much?

#4 How long does it usually take you to paint a painting? (I’m thinking, not as long as when people don’t bother me).

#5 You know what would be good in that painting, (pick one) A deer, a house, a hunter, seashells, fishing pole…Etc.. You get the idea. You can’t believe the suggestions!

#6 I’d love to have a painting like this, but could you change (insert any of these) :color, size, format, subject matter, or all of the above.

#7 What in the world are you doing out here?

#8 I paint once in awhile, but I do real paintings, u know, oil?

#9 So, what is this called? Water-color, yeah we learned to do that in grade school.

#10 Man you’re great, you should have your stuff on QVC. (my favorite)

#11 The name for this painting should be …___________________ The answer can be anything they dream up, then they act affronted when I don’t readily agree.

#12 Are you an Artist or do you just paint? ( I would hope the work speaks for itself)

I put these comments on this blog just for fun; don’t ever let people influence you not to paint. If you have any of your own silly statements you've heard...send them in as comments.


Jeff Surace said...

so true, my favorite comment from someone was "did you make a portrait?" i said "yeah, of that mountain"

Anonymous said...

so true, one of my favorites i've heard,"did you just make a portrait?" i said "yeah, of that mountain"

pfranklin said...

wonderful painting.

Comment from on looker from my painting experience: I've always wanted to paint outside but was afraid that folks would stop to talk with me and break my concentration.


Lori said...

Oooo I love these! I have gotten them all. Hubby always wants me to put a monkey in my paintings. He is great at pointing out flaws, he has no depth perception so he will touch the wet paint!

Another I have been getting lately,"I tried painting just like you but I can't. Why not?"

Lori said...

I forgot to say, I love the painting too! Its a great design.

bj said...

I get a lot of the "how long does it take you to do a picture" (I usually use the word 'painting' in my response.)

There is also "how long you been drawing)?".

I usually get the "I can't draw a straight line" comment. I used to point out that there are no actual straight lines in nature, but I would get the blank stare. So now I just tell them to keep practicing.

This painting is wonderful. It has the feel of open air, but with maybe a storm coming. Beautiful freedom.

C. Ousley said...

Some lady once told me watercolor is not art because you are just coloring drawings. Stupid minger!

The most I get (ad nauseum) is the "how long does it take you to do a painting."

Another person said all snooty like, Why don't you just take a photo of it!" I told that person to go f-ing take a hike....Well I left out the F word but I felt like throwing a few F-bombs.

Headphones help.

For all the twits there are plenty of fine folks that I met that are interesting to talk with and I am glad to.