Wednesday, July 1, 2009

15 Minute Sunrise # 84

My favorite!


bj said...

I love the orange heat in this one! I hope you approach a gallery and offer to show your sunrise series. How many have you far?? I know there are more coming soon.

chuck larivey said...

So far 15....I'd planned to play with her this morning, but...I over slept and ya know!...she didn't wait!.......They're some flowers on the deck I'm going to introduce myself to shortly :=)

I'm still on my learning curve and because of Plein Air its moved much faster than I'd hoped. I posted my second painting in 20 years on your site, I'm now on #89 called "Niagara" a study for a larger piece.

My goal for now and the next few months, will be working on larger pieces....hoping to get one or two good enough to be accepted for the 2009 OPA Eastern Regional juried exhibition of traditional oils...the dead line is the end of August. If I get lucky then I'll look for representation, until then I'll keep painting.