Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Exploring What's There by BJ Wright

10"x8" oil on RayMar panel, painted en plein air, alla prima, on Tuesday June 30th (completed at 9:55am)...$85 including shipping...Sandra and I explored Crown Gardens and Archives in Dalton (GA) and found a painting in every direction. This small addition to the main structure was set deep in shadows and as the sun crept in, I began painting using only yellow ochre, alizarin crimson and ultramarine blue (and of course white). I had challenged myself to use a very limited palette. Next time I think the mixing will go faster.
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chuck larivey said...

BJ it looks really good - smart move on a limited colour palette...hoping to see a little end brush work :=)

Are you going out today?

bj said...

No, I'm not painting today. I've been framing 3 paintings for a gallery show. The delivery date is the day after I return from my trip to Roanoke to see my daughter. So you could say I'm planning 'way ahead.

I'll be out painting early tomorrow (Thursday)...not sure yet where...You can see our blog at if you'd like to see where we'll be painting. We only post the location/time/address so that others in the group can join us.

chuck larivey said...

It seems every one is from Georgia or California....framing is good...good luck on your show. Just got back in....HOT!!!!. I'll post it series...maybe