Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Front Porch Geraniums

Compare this to the beginning of the day. I worked on this around 10 pm last night. I couldn't leave it alone. I hope I kept enough of the AC/Burnt Umber undertones. That was what I was striving for in this painting.
What cha think?
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chuck larivey said...

Nice balance, both from a composition and colour standpoint....Do you feel the painting is done? My personal opinion,it is! It was hard to tell until I looked at a larger view....Sandra you're a very talented colourist!....then I'm partial to your palette used here :=)

Sandra Bonner Babb said...

I redid the tabletop under the shutter. It doesn't read as I'd like but then I overdid the wood grain". I had to stop. I usually like my fleeting moments brush work instead of the carefully considered ones. Bt that's just me! My mother-in-law liked it when it was "finished".

chuck larivey said...

I thought that about the too!