Friday, July 3, 2009

From the deck in 15 minutes # 92

I used a thin cadmium red toned background (too light). Over the last month I've been reducing my palette. Currently it consists of yellow-pale, cadmium yellow-deep, orange and red, permanent green light, cerulean blue, dioxane purple and of course titanium soft white. I use a wide range of cadmium's, because it's easier. The only color I would add back is French Ultramarine. I also use a toned disposable palette by Stephen Quiller. My brush work is deliberately more impasto and towards palette knife. While these might be sell-able, my only objective , is to study colour relationships to each other and light.


bj said...

...and having lots of fun painting these gems. I'm loving the new series, too.

Don't you feel energized when you use a different palette? Adding or deleting just one color can make the artistic brain sparkle.

chuck larivey said...

you bet! I had a senior moment this up predawn all set to do a sunrise from the deck...little early, so coffee and went on line, got so involved, totally forgot!!!.......

It's like spring cleaning....only design we call it de-cluttering :=))))