Thursday, July 23, 2009

Red Earth by BJ Wright

4"x6" oil on sanded panel, painted on July 14th around 10:00am ... Just before time to pack up after a morning of painting, I picked up this little sanded panel and put down some paint. The rough surface slurped up the paint and I could feel it wearing down my brush. It's an interesting surface...don't know if I'll use it again...but interesting.

The trees were glowing as the sun raced across the sky. Paint quick, quick, quick.
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chuck larivey said...

Nice quick study....think orange under paint....saves time:=)

bj said...

I had packed a tube of transparent red ochre. It lets the white of the canvas shine through, giving the illusion of looking through a transparent film. I left some spots to shine through. I'll try that again.

I also found some transparent white for mixing with other transparent colors when you don't want regular white to make the mix chalky. Always learning and's a wonderful thing.

chuck larivey said...

I accidently bought a tube of soft it's all I use

bj said...

I always use soft mixing white - it's the best. I've added transparent white just recently. It works well with the transparent colors, but not with the cads. I'm always experimenting/learning.