Friday, July 17, 2009

Southern Moon with following star # 105 &106

The third and last moon study (bottom) This is my favorite, painted en Plein Air @ 1:30 AM on 7/10/09. I started with clouds and adjusted as it cleared, because of something I saw, I followed this up with a small studio painting later the same morning (top). I used the study and a fresh memory as my guide. The finale, for lessons learned during this moon phase.
I didn't know it at the time, this would be the beginning of a major pivotal point. Plein Air served its purpose well, by heightening my observation skills, I'm sure I'll continue to do it, but only as a discovery tool. I found it indispensable, learning how to paint details, such as fast moving rapids, the sun and finally the moon. As I make new discoveries I'll be sure to post! I'll also check daily and see what everyone is doing :=)


Sandra Bonner Babb said...

Those night paintings are mysterious and lovely. Did you have a lamp clamped over the canvas/board? May you tell us what your new direction might be?

chuck larivey said...

It was bleeding side light from a window and a flash light for mixing, but not teh canvas....your eyes will ajust....always....a surprise in the morning :=)

Since you asked, I enjoy outdoor painting and will continue, it just won't be my main focus. I get a better result working in the studio, enhanced dramatically by working out the details in the field. I also like to paint larger more finished works. I never was comfortable painting small and it shows. I left a blog Plein Air Painters. The one you and BJ are members of and joined Paintings I Love, wide open more international crowd, fits me well, the other didn't. I didn't like separating my art into two groups , I see it as one, that's the new direction...No label!!!

This is just me, but here's how I think it should work. I painted 3 moon studies over several nights, then I made a more finished studio painting using all the information collected, including something I saw, started to paint, but moved away too quickly. If I posted the studies, told you about what I experienced, would you not want to see the final product? After all it was the only reason I did it. You would not be able to do that under the 80 or 90% Plein Air rule..personaly...a silly rule, it's either Plein Air or it's not! As an artist, you must see how restrictive it is! Forgive me if I'm missing something, or have it all wrong....this is a good site, could be a great forum for learning and exchanging ideas, basically now it's just the three of us who even bother to post. I thoroughly enjoyed the last week, it became an active site!