Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I had already named this "Cupcake" and the title was confirmed by a man walking his dog in the park this morning.
I still had on my painting apron as I trudged down the steps with my "wheelie" cart. He commented that I must be a cook. Well, then I decided to call it a chocolate looks so brown with the sun in my eyes. I admit I took a little license and moved the sun a bit and didn't move my shadows. I am blind, needless to say. BJ wasn't there to loan me her umbrella and I had left mine in the car. I had already trekked down the road, up through the field and back to the car and back again for my cell phone just in case BJ called. And I decided to paint quickly. I painted this very quickly in about 30 minutes. Well, obviously!!!!
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chuck larivey said...

I think it's a perfect title...and confirmed no less!!!

I couldn't see it was a sunrise until I made it larger...have to do that from now on.....incredible how much is lost in the thumbnail really are an impressionist! Have you read anything on Monet? Not his art, that speaks for its self, but his thought process?

Sandra Bonner Babb said...

Fortunately I spent a week painting in Monet's Garden in Giverny around 2000. I was painting down at the lily pond alone and a muskrat came swimming across the water. I sensed how Monet could have felt standing down beside the water capturing his "creation" of the pond. We had a tour guide who explained Monet's ideas to us. I came to appreciate him where I had not earlier. We were able to paint in the garden with only the gardeners working before the tourist came through. That was the best workshop I've been on. I had always painted outside but this really got me going. In fact if I miss a morning I feel cheated. Sometimes I'm not able to paint the sunsets because of family obligations but I love those too. Sorry so long!

chuck larivey said...

He takes you by surprise....not to long!