Friday, August 10, 2007

Looking back at BJ and Sandra's paintings one August morn.

Phyllis had sent some words of wisdom concerning giving titles to paintings. The titles may cause fond memories and actually help to make a sale. The last two paintings could have been called "Looking East" and "Looking West" because BJ and I were looking in opposite directions and painted hot and cold. We were standing about 6 feet apart and I'm looking into the sun coming over the ridge and she the is looking toward the distant Lookout Mountain that hasn't received that brillant sun yet. If we display these in the same show we should work something out with the names and descriptions. Tonight at BJ's Ringgold Depot Show I think she found out that people like reading the descriptions of the paintings...locations, time, inspiration etc. I think the reason I usually name the place is so I can locate the painting myself because I do so many fields, trees, and distant vistas.

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bj said...

That's a very good observation! Usually the titles come to me while I'm painting or shortly after the work is finished. I agree that the description and title set the mood for someone viewing the finished painting.