Thursday, August 2, 2007

Doing the Morning Dance by BJ Wright

8" x 10" oil on canvas covered hardboard, painted en plein air, alla prima - $85 including shipping -
This row of trees lines the end of our driveway. As the morning sun rises, the light strikes them in animation. This is my narrative of the dance.

The couple on the left - she's not sure of him, he's a little pushy, and besides his hair is too long.
He doesn't know it, but the chaperone is looking over his shoulder.

Meanwhile the couple in the middle - seem to be getting along just fine and making time.

The lone fellow on the right is the wallflower. He let too much grass grow under his feet. He won't have a date at this dance.

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Lori said...

Cool BJ! I like the dance idea!

bj said...

The way the light hit the tree trunks made them look like tall alien teenagers (not that I've ever seen any) :oI