Saturday, August 18, 2007

Low Profile, historical plein air painting by Fawn McNeill

"Low Profile"
9 x 12 inches
Acrylic on canvas-hardboard

I had a great morning! 75 degrees and a nice breeze . . . It hasn't been that nice is a long time. I stayed a couple of hours and had all kinds of interesting people stop and visit! One man had a bird on his shoulder that laughed just like a person! My husband even came and brought me breakfast. Can't beat that!

PS. All of this grass, even the closet grass used to be under water, so the lake has still not come up much at all.

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Sandra Bonner Babb said...

I would love to be painting some cool water. We're about out of water around here....only pond scum. Even the Chickamauga Lake water is hot. Your sky is really nice and the greens are varied and how do you get your husband to bring breakfast is the real question! Way to go!Sandra

Lori said...

Lovely Fawn! Way to go getting breakfast delivered! Lori

Fawn said...

OK, it was easy, I told him I would be at the lake, near town this time, and he said "What about my breakfast?"
I said , "well, since I am not cooking it why don't you bring me something when you go to town to get yours?" I really didn't think much of it. We laughed, and I left. Then he showed up arond 8:45 with an egg mcmuffin! and orange juice too! As if that makes it healthier . . . But it was still good! LOL.

bj said...

I'm thinking the breakfast delivery shows that your husband takes your painting seriously. I knew my husband 'finally got it' when he started asking "where are you painting today?"

Lori said...

Thats the only trouble with hubbys bringing food, its never good for you, just tastes good! ;oD