Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Plein Air Painter Dressed in Pink by BJ Wright

10" x 8" oil painted en plein air on canvas covered hardboard - $85 including shipping -
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Ode to a Plein Air Painter

Oh, plein air painter dressed in pink,
Are you as crazy as we think??

Outside painting in August heat…
Wouldn’t some iced tea be neat?

Or come inside instead
Of being outside…frying your head.

We know your hat keeps off the sun,
But isn’t your brain just about done?

So come inside and take a rest
Before someone must do compressions…
Upon your chest.

The plein air painter says with a smile,
“No thanks, I’ll stay outside for awhile.

“I’ll mix my paints…yellow, blue and red.
And, no, I’m not touched in the head.

“Nature’s palette sings to me –
To be outside is to be free…

“Free to paint to my heart’s content…
Not inside where I feel pent.

“I’ll come inside when I feel the pain…
Or if it should begin to rain.”

Now mark these words for they are true…
Only plein air painters understand you.

Written by BJ Wright on August 14, 2007
Inspired by my friend Sandra Babb


wanda knight said...

Dressed in Pink makes me smile. This is so fine.
I do believe it is my favorate of you painting. And the poem is fantastic.
I am envious of anyone who can write poetry.

Jenna Star Friedman said...

So funny and true!