Thursday, June 21, 2007

Back at the Ranch

Back at the Ranch

Oil on Canvas, 9x12


I painted this one mostly on location at a friend's ranch in Florida. The air was very heavy and sticky and we were hoping for rain after a long dry period here. Thunder and lightening came along and I packed up, but no significant rainfall came that day. I finished this in the studio later.

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bj said...

I clicked on the image to see your brush strokes. Your work with the lights and darks draws me into the painting. Very, very nice.

Lori said...

This is super! I love the composition, very well done. It is hot here isn't it! If I am going to do any more plein air with the weather like this its going to be from a swimming pool!

Art of Jenna said...

Thanks bj and lori for your kind comments on my painting. It is very hot here! I'm still going outside to paint, but now it's early in the mornings--and finishing up in the studio.