Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nubbin's Morning Historic painting by Fawn McNeill

"Nubbin' s Morning"
Historic drought of 2007-2008
8x10 inches
Acrylic on canvas board

Got to go out to Nubbin's Slough again early this morning, it is one of those places I could go to every day and find something new and interesting to paint. I just have to make myself get out of bed early-- before it is so unbelievably hot! Lake Okeechobee is inland and this area doesn't have the ocean breeze to keep things cool, we get the muggy thick air. But the mornings are pleasant before 9:00.

I did this painting alla prima (all at once), before 7:45! I started it with a warm sienna- brown tone all over the canvas board (canvas mounted on hard board). I toned it last night, so it was dry. I tried to let some of those warm browns show through as I paintied everything in. Acrylics dry quickly, so I keep a mister bottle of water handy, and use thick amounts of paint when I want that wet- in- wet look. It was fun to try a new approach. I learn something new everytime I go out. you can click on the image to see a close up of the warmth showing through the clouds.

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Lori said...

Nice painting Fawn! Your clouds are the same sort I was seeing today too, its cool how our techniques are different with a similar scene.

Fawn said...

We haven't had clouds for so long, I was excited to paint some!

Lori said...

Me too!